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The 6 Worst TV Progremmes Of The Last Ten Years

There are some great TV programmes on at the moment, and in the last 10 years there have been some classics both from the UK and abroad. Ripper Street, Game of Thrones, The Vikings, Versailles and Breaking Bad are just some of our favourites her at Entertainment Today, but on the flip side there have also been some absolute stinker. Here are our top six worst TV Programmes to grace British TV in the last 10 years, in no particular order.

Mrs. Browns Boys

When this first hit the air, it was so bad that I thought it was a parody of a bad comedy show, but unfortunately this did not prove to be the case. A man dressing up as a women sopped been funny way back in 1975, so why does anybody bother watching this drivel today? Sadly, thousand, if not millions of people tune in every week to laugh way at this nightmare TV, and we can only as WHY?


Okay, so Hollyoaks has been going for way longer than ten years, but it is still on the box today, so that is why it qualifies for this lists. The show is meant to be a soap opera which depicts real life, but in actual fact, it is so far removed from reality that they might as well have a UFO land in Hollyoaks as their next big story line, or perhaps Elvis could return from the dead to work in the local fish and chip shop.


X Factor

It seems as though there are on;y about five people left in the country who have any interest at all in X Factor these days. The show has long since stopped producing instant number one hits for every artists who appears on it, and apart from 3 teenage girls, a dog and a hamster, is anyone else actually watching it? Sadly, the answer seems to be yes, and that is why it is a perpetual stain on the Saturday night schedule.

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant and Dec were fairly amusing for 3 weeks in the late nineties, however the joke has worn a little thin now and it is time that they were removed from our TV screens. Every year without fail, they will the best presenter award at the British TV Awards, and to be quite frank, it is just getting boring now. This duo are a one trick pony, and their brand of humour is quickly becoming very out dated. Time to move on now I think guys.

Love Island

This is another show that has long outstayed it’s welcome. the trouble with it is that these are not ‘real people’ seeking romance in the sun. They are fame hungry attention seekers who are only there to try and grab their 15 minutes inform of the camera. Just five minutes of this highly irritating show will have you desperately grabbing for the remote before you know it.


I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

Another show with the nightmare duo Ant and Dec at the helm. We all know the format inside out, and every year we all stare at the screen in the disbelief that these people are actually being described at celebrities. How can someone be a celebrity if no one has ever heard of them? It sometimes seems that the networks have absolutely no new ideas for new TV shows at all. Time to get you thinking caps on guys!