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The New Breed of Tribute Bands

Tribute bands have been around for many years, with hundreds of Beatles, Abba, Rolling Stones and Adele acts touring the country on a regular basis. Whether you are a fan of The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or Guns n Roses, there are plenty of chances to get to see your favourite artists at a local venue, even though the original acts may have long since stopped touring. One of the biggest names in recent years are The Bootleg Beatles, who command huge crowds where ever they play, and are lauded as one of the best tribute bands around.

Lately however there has been an interesting development in the world of tributes. Bands have started springing up who go one step further than simply playing the songs of one band and trying to make them sound as close to the original as possible. This new breed of band are combing two acts together, in order to create a completely unique hybrid sound. For example, Elvana, an Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute who hail from Newcastle have breathed new life into Kurt Corbain’s classic tracks. The band play the songs almost identically to the way that Nirvana did in the 90s, while the singer in full Las Vegas Elvis attire croons his way through the set. The result is entertaining and funny, and whether you are a fan of Elvis or Cobain, there is something to appreciate.

Another such act is Dread Zeppelin, who are an American band renowned for playing the songs of Zeppelin in a reggae style. They have been around for some time, even releasing a set of studio albums.

Along the same line are The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, who as you will have probably guessed, play the songs of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the bag pipes. Although this might sound like your worst nightmare, you have to hand it to them for coming up with a unique idea.

Does this mean that people are growing tired of the traditional tribute act? Probably not, but with so many of them around these days, it seems that musicians are have to go the extra mile to attract an audience and get people’s attention.

Other crossover tributes which are worthy of a mention are Gabba, who play Abba hits in the style of The Rammones and Beatallica, who play Beatles hits in the style of Metallica. It’s enough to make you wonder what will be next. Adele in the style of the Sex Pistols anyone?