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Mindhorn Movie Review

Mindhorn, the new movie starring Julian Barrat is in cinemas right now, and although you will not find it in every single theatre, there should be one not too far from you that is showing it. Created my Simon Farnaby, the plot revolves around a washed up 80s TV star, played by Barratt, who gets the best part that he has had in years when a deranged fan and suspected murderer insists that he will only communicate with the police through Mindhorn. So actor Richard Thorncroft heads back to the Isle of Man where the original TV series was set in order to see what he can do.

The film features a number of well known faces including Steve Coogan, Kenneth Branagh, Simon Callow and Nicholas Farrell. The flashbacks to the original 80s TV series are hilarious and very well produced. You could almost imagine a programme like that appearing on TV screens during that period. Barratt hasn’t taken on any major comedy roles since his partnership with Noel Fielding in The Mighty Boosh, so taking on this role was a risky decision. however his performance is excellent and there are certain moments that will remind Boosh fans why he is so well loved.

The plot is full of twists and turns and theatre is a laugh around every corner. Simon Farnaby’s character is another great highlight and at certain moments he almost threatens to steal the show. On the other hand, Steve Coogan doesn’t give his finest performance, but this is probably due to the role which he has been cast in, as is character is not as strong as the other main ones in the film.

Influenced by TV from the 1980s such as The Six Million Dollar Ma,  Bergerac, Starsky and Hutch and Knight Rider, the the film is a success, and the musical moments, such as ‘You Can’t Handcuff the Wind’, are particular highlights.

‘One of the funniest films of the year’ is a quote which appears on the cover of the DVD, and I for one will not be disagreeing.