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Five of the Best South Park Episodes

Trey Parker and Mat Stone’s hilarious animated comedy shoe South Park has been going since the late 90s, and in that time there have been some truly side splitting moments. The series may have gone off the boil a bit lately, but let us take a look a back at five of the most brilliant episodes of all time.

Scot Tennerman Must Die

We all know that the South Park guys like their humour close to the bone, but this episode too thinks to a new level all together when it first aired. Notable for featuring apprentices from Radiohead, the episode tells the story of Eric Cartman’s battle with an older kid named Scot Tennerman. When he is tricked out of parting with some of his pocket money, Cartman vows to get revenge and he does it in his own inevitable style, by making a chilli con carne out of poor Scot’s parents. Maybe one lesson we should learn is not to mess with Eric.


Another great episode featuring Cartman heavily (which most of the best ones do), Awesomeo see Eric turn his evil mind against the poor innocent Butters. Dressing up in a box, Cartman pretends that he his a robot and tricks Butters into believing hit. Needless to say, things soon go wrong and the US government get involved, believing that the robot is an amazing piece of technology of the kind they have never seen.

Chicken Lover

One of the earlier episodes, Chicken Lover features all four of the boys as they help the local police to solve a mysterious crime involving chickens. This is one of the first occasions when Cartman mutters those immortal words ‘Respect My Authoritah!’, as the power given to him by Officer Barbrady goes to his head. Just like many South Park plots, it takes a very strange twist, as it turns out that the local librarian was actually responsible for the crimes and was ‘bothering’ chicken in order to try and get Barbrady to learn how to read.


Airing in 2003, in Cancelled it turns out that the whole world is really just a reality TV programme watch by aliens. After Kyle, Stan, Eric and Kenny figure is out, the aliens decide to cancel the show and demolish Earth since it no longer has any use. Again the boys come to the rescue and convince the aliens to keep the show running, after which their memories are erase and everything returns to normal. Well, as normal as it ever can be in South Park.

Canada On Strike

One of the many episodes which features Canadians (who always have floppy heads for some reason), Canada on Strike sees the entire country of Canada go on strike because they want more money. The boys make a viral internet video starring Butters to try and help then but things don’t end well of Canada. In the end the rest of the world agrees to give every Canadian a discount voucher for a restaurant and they call off the strike.