How To Get Discounts At The Cinema

There is no doubt about it, a trip to the cinema certainly is not as cheap a night out as it used to be. When you add up the price of tickets, snacks and drinks, the total can sometimes make your eyes water. Not only that but you can also upgrade to special comfy reclining seats these days, and if you with a date who you are trying to impress, you probably feel as though you need to splash your cash even more. Cinemas has improved dramatically in the last 20 years. No longer are they dark, grotty, small places, and most modern chains are clean, luxurious and family friendly.

The truth is that, you can cut costs on your cinema visits if you just follow a few of these simple bits of advice.


Try To Go To Early Viewings

You will not be surprised to learn that when you go to watch a film during peak times (weekends and evenings), you are likely to pay more than if you go on an afternoon when nobody else is around. If yo have an afternoon off work, try fitting your cinema visits in then, as you will benefit from lower prices, as well as having the cinema almost to yourself.

Book Online With Vouchers

Booking your tickets via and app on on the website is often the best way to get a lower price. Cinemas frequently list vouchers on sites such as Fliggo, and these can be a great way to get a discount. You need to keep a look out for promotional codes though, because they are not always available and you can generally only use them for a day or two before they expire.

Saving On Food & Drink

Most cinemas do not allow you to take your own food and drink into the auditorium, so if you want a snack along with your movie, you have no choice but to buy it from them. Most people like a bit of popcorn or some nachos while at the cinema, but remember that if you buy it there you will be paying a premium for it. If you are genuinely hungry, it might be a good idea to get something to eat elsewhere before you go in, especially of you are on a budget. Another good idea is to share with other people, because the proportions that cinemas offer are normally large enough to serve two anyway.


Look Out For Free Cinema Days and Discount Days

Occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, cinemas will have days set aside when they dramatically discount the price, sometimes even allowing people in for free. Register to get news from your local chain, and they will let you know if they are planning any events like this. These days are always packed out, so remember that you might have to queue a while to get hold of your free tickets. Also, some cinemas have been known to have loyalty schemes, where you get a free visit after you have paid to watch a number of films, fairly similar to the way that coffee shops operate their loyalty schemes.